What Are Ear Tubes?

Ear tubes are tiny, hollow cylinders typically made of silicone or plastic. The tubes are surgically inserted into the eardrum to create a ventilation pathway between the middle and outer ear canal. The tubes help equalize pressure, drain fluids, and improve airflow, reducing the risk of infections and related complications.

When Are Ear Tubes Needed?

Ear tubes are recommended for those experiencing chronic middle ear infections that do not respond to other treatments, such as antibiotics, or those with persistent fluid buildup behind the eardrum. Common indications for ear tube placement include frequent ear infections, hearing loss due to fluid accumulation, and recurrent ear pain or pressure.

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What Is the Procedure for Placing Ear Tubes?

At Southern ENT Associates, the procedure for placing ear tubes is a quick outpatient surgery by our experienced otolaryngologists or ear, nose, and throat specialists. Before the procedure, patients are typically administered general anesthesia to ensure their comfort. Once sedated, a small incision is carefully made in the eardrum to access the middle ear space. Any fluid or infection present is gently suctioned out to improve ventilation and promote healing.

The ear tube, a tiny hollow cylinder made of silicone or plastic, is then precisely inserted through the incision into the eardrum. This tube acts as a temporary pathway to equalize pressure and allow fluid drainage, reducing the risk of recurrent infections and associated complications. The entire procedure usually takes just a few minutes to complete, and most patients can return home the same day with minimal discomfort. Our dedicated team provides thorough post-operative instructions to ensure optimal recovery and long-term success.

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Children and Ear Tubes: Compassionate Care at Southern ENT Associates

At Southern ENT Associates, we understand parents' concerns and anxieties when considering medical procedures for their children. Regarding ear tubes, our practice stands as a beacon of hope and reassurance. Our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons specializes in pediatric ENT conditions, ensuring your child receives the highest quality of warm, compassionate care. 

We offer a patient-first philosophy, dedicating all the time needed to hear your concerns, thoroughly explaining the benefits and the procedure, and providing comprehensive aftercare instructions. Ear tubes can significantly improve your child's quality of life, reducing the risk of future ear infections, improving hearing, and enhancing their overall development and well-being. At Southern ENT Associates, you can trust that your child is in compassionate and capable hands, and we are committed to delivering long-term relief with minimal discomfort. Let us help restore your peace of mind and give your child the comfort and health they deserve.

Helping Your Child Recover Quickly After Ear Tube Placement

Recovery from ear tube placement is typically swift, but as caring parents, you play a crucial role in ensuring your child's comfort and speedy recovery. At Southern ENT Associates, we recommend a few simple yet effective steps to facilitate this process. 

  • Keep your child's head elevated and encourage rest in the initial hours following the procedure; this not only promotes healing but also helps to limit any discomfort. 
  • It's essential to follow our aftercare instructions closely, including administering prescribed eardrops and pain relief medication as directed. 
  • Use custom earplugs or other protective measures to protect your child's ears from water during baths or swimming to prevent infection. 
  • Monitor your child for any signs of discomfort, unusual pain, or drainage from the ears, and keep in touch with our team for follow-up appointments or contact us if you have any concerns. 

With a calm and comforting environment and adhering to these guidelines, you can quickly help your child return to their joyful, energetic self. Our supportive team at Southern ENT Associates is here to support you and your child every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient recovery.

What Is the Recovery Time?

After ear tube placement, patients may experience mild discomfort or drainage from the ear, which usually subsides within a few days. Ear drops or antibiotic ointments may be prescribed to prevent infection and aid healing. Most individuals can resume normal activities, including swimming and bathing, shortly after the procedure.

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Why Choose Southern ENT Associates for Ear Tubes?

Southern ENT Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate care for patients with ear-related concerns. Our team of board-certified otolaryngologists has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating ear conditions, including ear tube placement. We prioritize the comfort and safety of our patients, treating children with kindness, warmth, and reassurance. 

Ear tubes can relieve the pain, discomfort, and health risks of chronic middle ear infections or persistent fluid buildup. At Southern ENT Associates, our expert otolaryngologists specialize in ear tube placement, providing high-quality care to improve ear health and enhance overall quality of life.

With 6 convenient locations in Southern Louisiana, we make accessing the treatment you need easy.

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